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    An exhibition of the finest photographs from the PPF collection at the Regional Gallery in Liberec

    The exhibition Sudek, Funke, Drtikol… Czech and Slovak photography from the PPF collection at the Regional Gallery in Liberec will cover 150 years of Czech and Slovak photography in 150 original photographs. The exhibition will be installed in the Swimming Pool Hall and Gallery at the former city baths in Liberec from 21 June to 30 September 2018.

    “The exhibition is based on one of the largest private collections in the Czech Republic, and our aim is to present an overview of a medium that, especially with the ascent of the avant-garde, confidently became part of contemporary art,” says the exhibition’s curator, Luděk Lukuvka.

    The exhibition covers photography’s chronology from fin de siècle pictorialism to the present day. Photography has always held up a mirror to society, and the medium’s development between 1870 and 2018 is also a social commentary. This will be the first time such a comprehensive selection of the finest photographs from the PPF collection has ever been displayed. “Previously we’ve only ever exhibited smaller samples from the collection, covering specific themes. In the summer the Josef Sudek Studio in Prague usually has individual series by Sudek and his contemporaries. Richard Gere came to one of these exhibitions, as he’s a great admirer of Sudek’s work. There was also an exhibition at the Douglas Hyde Gallery in Dublin, which showed a selection of Josef Sudek’s photographs from the PPF collection to mark the 120th anniversary of his birth, and it attracted a lot of attention in Ireland,” says PPF Art’s Managing Director, Jan Řehák.

    Photographs from Josef Sudek’s best-known series will be an important part of the exhibition. There will also be work by other prominent Czech photographers such as Jaromír Funke, František Drtikol and Jaroslav Rössler. Contemporary photographers will include Jiří Thýn, Alena Kotzmannová, the duo Jasanský–Polák, and Václav Jirásek, who won the 2017 Czech Grand Design award for photographer of the year. “Another important aspect of the exhibition is to highlight Slovak photography, as its history overlaps substantially with Czech photography. Without Slovak photography our overview of photography’s development in this country would be incomplete,” adds Luděk Lukuvka. Slovak photographers at the exhibition will include Jano Pavlík and, from the Slovak New Wave, Miro Švolík, Tono Stano, Rudo Prekop and Vasil Stanko.

    Exhibition: Sudek, Funke, Drtikol… Czech and Slovak photography from the PPF collection

    Venue: Regional Gallery in Liberec, Swimming Pool Hall and Gallery
    Dates: 21 June – 30 September 2018
    Curator: Luděk Lukuvka

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