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    CETIN to invest CZK 22 billion in network development

    Česká telekomunikační infrastruktura a.s. (‘CETIN’) announces that it will invest CZK 22 billion (USD 888 million) in the development of its telecommunications networks over the next seven years. The whole amount will be invested from CETIN’s own resources with a view to rolling out next generation networks (‘NGN’). This will mainly include the rollout of fixed-line fibre optic networks across the Czech Republic and also the completion and reinforcement of the capacity of the modern 4G/LTE mobile network. This is independent from developments in the decision-making on the drawdown on EU funds.

    “Twenty-two billion koruna is a significant investment which will help us to achieve a truly fundamental upgrade in connectivity quality. Our objective is provide a speed of internet access over a fixed-line network that is a multiple of what it is today and bring a real 21st century experience to our customers. We will roll out fibre optics as close to our customers as possible, substantially shortening ‘the last mile’, and will deploy modern technologies to achieve speeds that are several times higher for the end users,” says Petr Slováček, CETIN’s CEO.

    In terms of technology, investment will primarily be made in VDSL2 and VDSL3 and also in vectoring - modern technologies that help to achieve high rates of speed on the shorter local loops which are required for NGN. CETIN therefore plans investments in the rollout of a FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) fibre optic access network, which will make it possible to shorten the local loops, also referred to as ‘the last mile’. CETIN also plans to invest in optical fibre backbone networks and to reinforce capacity reflecting the increasing data flow requirements. All of this work will be carried out progressively throughout the Czech Republic and CETIN will therefore be offering contracts to regional companies for several years to come. The company will provide information about the development of the fixed-line network and the resulting acceleration of internet access on an ongoing basis.

    CETIN will also invest in expanding 4G/LTE coverage, increasing high-speed mobile internet access and boosting the capacity of networks to support the rising volumes of data consumed via mobile access. This includes investment in interconnecting Base Transceiver Stations using optical fibre cables. 

    “We are upgrading our network and investing in the future. This will enable us to offer more attractive internet access services through our wholesale range. All operators and internet service providers can benefit from a high-quality fixed-line network, regardless of their size,” adds Petr Slováček.

    As the owner of the infrastructure, CETIN provides wholesale services which operators and internet service providers (ISP) use in order to provide retail services to their customers. Access to high-speed internet over CETIN’s infrastructure must be arranged directly with the operators who cooperate with CETIN.

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