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    Home Credit provided CZK 6.7 bln worth of loans in 2005

    In 2005, Home Credit, one of leaders of the consumer financing market in the Czech Republic, financed client purchases worth more than CZK 6.7 bln , which represents an increase of over 8%. Nearly half a million clients activated their silver Home Credit cards before the end of last year.

    Compared with 2004, Home Credit recorded an 8% growth in the volume of newly granted loans, or a year-on-year increase from CZK 6.2 bln to CZK 6.7 bln. Both consumer loans and revolving credit based on the silver Home Credit cards yielded the same growth dynamics last year. Since the product’s introduction until December 31, 2005, the shopping credit card that allows holders to buy things on instalment plans was activated by 490,000 clients, which is a year-on-year increase of 19.5% in terms of the number of active cards. “This is a good starting point for our future work with our own client base,” says Ing. Miloš Stibor, chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Home Credit a.s.

    A similar increase in the demand for Home Credit instalment plan products was recorded during the entire 2005 in the case of traditional one-off consumer loans as well. Purchases worth CZK 3.1 bln, or 8% more than in 2004, were financed last year through the network of Home Credit partners.

    “Our main objective was continuing work with current clients and we have been successful in this aspect. We are happy to see clients repeatedly return to us. We served out one-millionth client at the beginning of H1, specifically on January 13, 2005. Our company also recorded another important milestone in the form of half a million clients actively using silver Home Credit cards,” Ing. Miloš Stibor added.

    Loans worth CZK 42 mln on a single December day

    Like in the past, the biggest instalment shopping volumes were recorded in the last month of the year. The absolutely most successful day was Monday December 5. On this day alone, Home Credit financed client shopping worth nearly CZK 42 mln. The same day started a record-breaking week culminating in the third Advent Sunday. During this period, Home Credit’s clients spent CZK 202 mln on their Christmas presents.

    The traditionally most popular Christmas season items were electronics and home appliances that together represented 44% of all commodities purchased on instalment plants. Other popular goods purchased in the last quarter of the year included furniture, mobile phones, household goods, information technology, cameras, security systems, garden technology, sports goods, boilers, heating systems and kitchens.

    Information technology recorded the biggest increase in instalment shopping compared with 2004. The demand for consumer loans for the purchase of information technology nearly doubled since the 2004 Christmas season. Other, less frequent items that recorded growing demand since 2004 included sewing machines, music instruments and lighting.

    PPF Group’s Home Credit defended its rating reflecting its ability to meet obligations duly and on time

    On December 2, 2005, the rating committee of CRA RATING AGENCY (CRA), a.s. confirmed a rating mark granted to Home Credit a. s. at a level of Ba+ / czA / czP-2, or the same level as previously issued for the company’s predecessor Home Credit Finance a.s. in August 2004. On the CRA scale, a rating of czP-2 indicates a relatively good ability to meet short-term obligations duly and on time. The czA grade indicates high-quality company with above ability to meet obligations.

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