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    Mikhail Nikitin appointed CEO of Eldorado

    Mikhail Nikitin (32) today takes over as the CEO of Eldorado, one of Russia’s largest retail businesses.

    Mikhail Nikitin graduated with a degree in International Trade from the Faculty of International Relations of the University of Economics in Prague in 2007. During his final year at the university, he worked at the marketing department of Škoda, a renowned Czech carmaker. After graduating, Mikhail joined the Adastra consultancy where over six years he led a number of key projects for PPF Group, including the development of new products and services for Home Credit & Finance Bank in Russia. In 2008, he transferred to Home Credit in China, where he managed the distribution network, initially as Distribution Manager and later as Sales Director. He designed and implemented a development strategy that helped to increase the number of Home Credit’s points of sale (POS) in China from just one hundred to around 8,000. In January 2014, Mikhail joined Eldorado as Deputy Vice President for sales. Since August 2015 he has served as Vice President for marketing and new product categories.

    Under Mikhail Nikitin’s management, Eldorado will continue to pursue its growth strategy geared towards expanding the product range, developing both online and offline distribution channels and consolidating the network’s leading position in Russia in terms of pricing. Eldorado will maintain its focus on improving the performance of retail outlets and enhancing customer perception of the Eldorado brand, as well as continuing the active expansion the company has started recently.

    Ondřej Frydrych, Eldorado’s outgoing CEO, said: “I have known Mikhail for a very long time and well enough to be able to say that his experience and diverse expertise will help Eldorado to pursue the goals set out in our development strategy for 2015-2017. His excellent analytical abilities, his focus on results and first-class leadership skills will definitely help the company achieve its targets”.

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