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    PPF CO 2 B.V. is calling its CZK 11.25 billion Zero Coupon Notes

    PPF Co2 B.V. ("PPF Co2 B.V.") a 100% subsidiary of PPF Group N.V. (“PPF Group”), incorporated under the laws of the Netherlands, announces that it decided to redeem all of its outstanding Zero Coupon Notes ISIN CZ0000000229.
    • The Early Redemption Date, as defined in the Terms and Conditions of the Notes, has been set to 18 February 2008. 
    • The Early Redemption Amount is 92.50% of the nominal amount.
    • Entitled persons - The Early Redemption Amount will be paid to  persons entered as persons participating in the Global Note by holding a certain number of Notes as registered in the register of UNIVYC at the close of 18 January 2008.

    As of 17 January 2008, PPF Co2 was informed by the PPF Group that the necessary conditions precedents for completion of the transaction between PPF Group and Generali had been fulfilled and that the transaction has been completed. Accordingly, the PPF Co2 has announced the completion of the Early Redemption Condition relevant for determining the date and conditions for early redemption of the Notes.
    The Notes which are fully secured by PPF Group guarantee were firstly issued on 31 October 2007, having a nominal value of CZK 2,000,000 each, and with final maturity on 30, April 2009. The Notes are listed on the Official Free Market of the Prague Stock Exchange.
    Prospectus in connection with the Issue, which contains Terms and Conditions of the Notes, approved by the Czech National Bank and all announcements concerning the early redemption of the Notes in accordance with applicable legal requirements are available on the Issuer’s WebPages

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