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    PPF to announce price for voluntary buyout of O2 and CETIN shares

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    PPF Group announces that, as part of a voluntary public buyout proposal, PPF A4 B.V. will offer CZK 78 per O2 share to all shareholders of O2 Czech Republic a.s. (“O2”) and CZK 176 per CETIN share to all shareholders of Česká telekomunikační infrastruktura a.s. (“CETIN”) to redeem their shares. In total, it will offer CZK 254 for both shares, which in aggregate gives a price more than CZK 76 over the price per O2 share on the Prague Stock Exchange prior to the effect of O2’s split, i.e. as at 27 May 2015.

    “We understand that for many – especially smaller – shareholders, the situation where the company in which they have invested is undergoing truly revolutionary change could be unsettling We appreciate that certain shareholders are concerned about share price fluctuations on the public market, although preventing this is beyond PPF’s control. This is why, as a representative of both companies’ majority shareholder, we are offering those of you who no longer wish to hold O2 and/or CETIN shares an opportunity to sell your shares at a price that we believe is adequate to the shares’ current fundamental value”, explains Kateřina Jirásková, Chairwoman of the Board of Directors, PPF a.s.

    All O2 and CETIN shareholders will therefore receive a written proposal for the voluntary buyout of their shares after 15 June 2015. In the event of any questions on how to proceed with the sale, shareholders may call +420723903317, +420721427394 and +420720346427 on business days from 8 am to 4 pm, from 15 June. Trained operators will advise them on how to proceed. Also, after 15 June, it will be possible to visit where PPF will publish a detailed description of how to subscribe to the share offer.


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