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    Press release: Eldorado announces 2012 results

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    Eldorado, the largest consumer electronics and domestic appliances retail chain in Russia, announces non-audited sales results for 2012.

    Key performance indicators for 2012:

    • Retail sales up 15.3%;
    • Like for like (LfL) sales up 3.4%;
    • Online sales up 67.2%;
    • 28 shops from the Beringov chain acquired and rebranded as Eldorado;
    • 30 new shops opened;
    • 11 internet divisions opened in large cities in several Russian regions;
    • New internet shop format launched: internet shops accept orders and issue goods.


    In 2012, the Eldorado chain achieved sales of 112,423 billion rubles (incl. VAT), 15.3% more than in 2011. Eldorado’s LfL sales increased 3.4%over the year, while online sales increased 67.2%.

    Igor Doležel, Director General of the chain, commented: 
    “2012 was a year of quality growth for our company. As a result of our business expansion and thanks to online sales, we have significantly strengthened our position across the regions. In 2013, we will continue developing internet sales and services. We will offer new products and services to our clients.”

    In the peak sales season in December 2012, Eldorado’s turnover increased 13.2% to 16.924 billion rubles, compared to 14.949 billion rubles in December 2011. LfL sales increased 1.1% in December 2012. 

    The chain opened 58 new shops in 2012. At the end of 2012, the chain had 404 hypermarkets in total. Eldorado shops operate in 173 cities of the Russian Federation. The Eldorado chain’s total selling area increased to 636.400 square metres and the total area occupied by the company increased to 805.900 square metres. Compared to 2011, the selling area increased 9.6%.

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