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    The Kellner Family Foundation Publishes Its 2013 Annual Report

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    The family foundation of Mrs. Renáta Kellnerová and Mr. Petr Kellner has published an annual report detailing its activities in 2013. The Foundation allocated more than CZK 91 million to beneficiaries. Most of the funds are channeled into support for education and educational projects, which constitute The Kellner Family Foundation’s main objective over the long term. Last year was the first time that the Foundation also allocated funds to three teams of researchers; they received grants under the Science project.

    The Foundation’s mainstay projects include grants for Open Gate students, the Universities project that helps Czech students gain knowledge and skills at prestigious universities in the Czech Republic and around the world, and Helping Schools Succeed, a project focused on raising the quality of instruction at public elementary schools.

    The following were some of the greatest achievements of each of the projects in 2013:

    • The Foundation sponsored more than one half of all Open Gate students. In 2013, it awarded grants to 119 of the 185 students of this grammar school. The Foundation provided CZK 42 million in grants for Open Gate Students.
    • An accredited pedagogy and psychology counseling center was opened on the Open Gate campus; the Foundation participated in the establishment and running of the center.
    • Three Open Gate students became members of the Czech Republic’s representation team in a debate competition. The Foundation covred the costs of their participation in competitions outside the Czech Republic.
    • In the 2012/2013 school year, six scholarship holders under the Universities project completed their studies at universities outside the Czech Republic.
    • In 2013, the Foundation accepted another 11 students to the Universities scheme. Thus, a total of 52 students received financial grants in the 2013/2014 school year.
    • In 2013, support was granted to approximately 300 teachers and, through them, 3,000 students under the Helping Schools Succeed project, in cooperation with dozens of experts in various fields and specializations.
    • An expert group from the Helping Schools Succeed project developed the first Diagnostic Map (“the reading continuum”), an innovative tool for teachers at Czech elementary schools which helps them develop children’s reading abilities on an individual basis.
    • The project team produced video recordings showing examples of efficient teaching at all schools involved in the Helping Schools Succeed project: reading workshops, a model mathematics class based on Professor Hejný’s model, work with evaluation criteria, etc.
    • Two new model schools, Elementary Schools in Zdice and Horka nad Moravou, completed their first year in the project. These two schools were added to the existing participants, the Kunratice Elementary School near Prague and the Mendel Elementary School in Karviná, Moravia. In September 2013, the Propojení Sedlčany Elementary School, the Dobronín Elementary School and the Šromotovo Elementary School in Hranice na Moravě became cooperating schools.
    • In 2013, the first three research teams received four- and five-year grants under the Science project; the grants totaled CZK 8.5 million. In five years, these teams will receive a total of CZK 38 million from the Foundation.

    For more information about these projects and the complete Annual Report of The Kellner Family Foundation please visit

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